Tie Dyed, Tattooed, and Flower Pattern Printed Tourists Abound in Hawaii. Oh My!

May 14, 2010

While in Waikiki, I had my camera with me at every waking moment to catch the multitude of hilarious HurtsToLook quality, real life situations. Based on my observations, I have come to the conclusion that Hawaii is a melting pot for tourists, both domestic and international (especially the cigarette loving Japanese), many of whom display a unique sense of fashion.
One does not have to be a tourist to sport HurtsToLook caliber fashion mishaps. There were plenty of apparent natives on the scene when I attended the Waikiki Spam Jam. The Spam Jam was definitely a high sodium, high fat, highly processed, fun time for all hungry (and mostly overweight) attendees. Needless to say, I abstained from sampling the Spam sushi, deep fried Spam and chips, and all other food substances containing Spam.
Ultimately, I had to take a break from the Spamariffic fun and was fortunate enough to encounter a brightly colored, varied patterned, couple strolling through the Waikiki International Market Place, which is heaven for chachka shopping. He wears a tie dyed, peace symbol tank top with sporty blue flower print board shorts. She models a matching tank top and short, Hawaiian flower patterned number. Too bad her outfit was not slightly larger, as it may have covered the unflattering, dragon tattoo adorning her back and right shoulder.
If you leave the house (or hotel) wearing outfits like this, I will find you and put your fashion choices on display for the world to see! On a final note, I do have to compliment their cute, matching footwear, as I love me some Keens!

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