The Greatest Weave Of All (Ain’t Easy To Achieve)

May 24, 2010

While visiting Seattle, I encountered so many HurtsToLook specimens, I almost wet my pants with excitement. Every corner provided a new source of inspiration for fashion crises, signage mishaps, and people indifferent to their unfortunate physical state.

My favorite image came in the form of a well fed, follicularly challenged woman sporting the biggest weave I have ever seen. I had to do a double (or triple) take when I spotted her approaching me on the sidewalk. As she walked by, my iPhone abruptly leapt into my hand in anticipation of its photographic assignment.

On closer examination, I noted the Darth Vader helmet-like weave’s ill fit and apparent accumulation of various environmental debris. As I closed in to capture a HurtsToLook appropriate photo, the clicking of my suitcase’s wheels on the sidewalk caused her to turn around and give me a look of displeasure. I had been caught and immediately scurried in the opposite direction.

Once I reached a safe distance, I discovered my goal had been achieved in this glorious photo. A side or front view would have been more ideal, but I am willing to accept this picture of “the greatest weave of all” (cue the Whitney Houston’s “The Greatest Love Of All” ).

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