Open Mouth Napping Leads to Fly Trapping

July 9, 2010

I find the value of napping to be exponentially beneficial to my often fatigued body and mental state. To get the most out of my naps, I seek rest in dark, quiet, non-public space. As you never know what may happen when you are asleep and vulnerable, it is really best to look out for your best interests by napping in private. A fly (or other insect) could land in your mouth, a predator could steal your belongings, or you may even get your photo taken!

I found this lovely subject lounging in a strip mall in Marina Del Rey, CA. Considering her collection of distressed shopping bags and a walker, I imagine that she really needs her rest.

I made sure to not disturb her in my quest to achieve the perfect photograph of her gaping mouth and eclectic accessories.

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