Divine Remnants in Park City

January 31, 2010

While attending a party at the fabulous Park City, Utah home of an Austin Film Society member, I beheld a practical joke that provoked both laughter and disgust among witnesses of the prank.

Evidently, the Sundance-screened movie, “Lovers of Hate,” was filmed in this residence and included a similar fecalriffic scene. a close friend of the host orchestrated the excellent excrement escapade with an artfully crafted, faux fecal specimen.

As I am a huge John Waters fan, I fondly recall the scene in Pink Flamingos when Divine devours a genuine piece of fresh dog poop. I suggested that if a true reaction of disgust was to be elicited, someone should pluck this delicate morsel from its watery habitat and bite off a sizable chunk. Needless to say, no one stepped up to the plate (or bowl), and the poopy prop was flushed.

Subsequently, I have lost my appetite for protein bars.

Has a house guest ever left an undesirable gift in your toilet?

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