Shirtless Cookie Guy Fecal Offender Fouls West Hollywood (VIDEO)

September 26, 2011

Photo of Shirtless Cookie Guy Fecal OffenderCongratulations! You are witnessing the premiere of my “Fecal Offenders” video series.

The West Hollywood Pet Pooper-Scooper Law clearly states:
Any resident of West Hollywood who has charge of or is the guardian of a dog that is walked and exercised on public property is required to assume the immediate responsibility for cleaning up after that dog. WHMC, Chapter 9.48.030 / LA County Code 10.40.060

I am passionate about proper pet waste disposal and loathe those who intentionally fail to pick up their dog’s poop on my private property. This has occurred so frequently, that a camera continually monitors the street scene to catch the pooping perpetrators in the act.

Here is a fellow West Hollywood dweller who gingerly scoops his dog’s poop out of sight with a leaf instead of properly picking it up. Perhaps his oven mitt could have been put to better use?

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