Headline News Puts the Breaks on Lindsay Lohan’s Car Crash

July 7, 2012

Photo of Lindsay Lohan Breaks Fail on Headline News We are all pulling for Lindsay Lohan in her comeback from substance abuse and various other personal dramas.  Recently, Lohan was involved in a car accident on Pacific Coast Highway in California.  Fortunately, Lohan was not physical harmed, yet her credibility continues to take beating.

Headline News (HLN) gave us the full report on the incident and this fabulous, Hurts To Look image.  Were they referring to the fact that the status of Lohan’s brakes was in question or that she can’t just seem to catch any breaks?  Where was the visual editor on this report?

HLN also has this visual on their website. Should you want to check out the video, HERE IT IS.

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