Do Not Call Animal Control Upon Seeing Horses Lying Down

December 7, 2011

Photo of Runyon Canyon Horse Farm Sign Hurts To LookAs I frequently go hiking in Los Angeles’ Runyon Canyon, I am treated to numerous picturesque views. Near the top of Runyon, just south of Mullholland Drive, you’ll find a red house (used in the movie Scream 3), a vintage trailer, and a collection of farm animals. These horses, goats, and other creatures have quite the nice life and have never outwardly appeared neglected.

Apparently, some passers by feel otherwise and have taken it upon themselves to contact LA County Department of Animal Care and Control No need to call if you see a horse lying down. Oh, and stop feeding the horses.

Photo of Runyon Canyon Horses Los Angeles Department of Animal Control Feeding Hurts To Look

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