Crapping at the Corner of Crescent Heights and Sunset

March 14, 2011

Los Angeles is such a veritable hodge pogde of sunny skies, Hollywood glitz, and filthy public spaces thirsting for the cleansing power of some heavy rain. Unfortunately, our dry climate provides limited rainfall to keep up with the homeless leaving their trash and human waste in various public places.

Photo of I Crapped on Crescent Heights and Sunset 1
The corner of Crescent Heights and Sunset Boulevards (at the edge of Los Angeles and West Hollywood) is a location providing both creative inspiration and disgust. Yes, this man is passing a bowel movement while partially disguised by a bus stop bench. Major corporate and movie advertisement signs looming overhead and cast a harsh contract between fantasy and reality.
Photo of Post Crap on Crescent Heights and Sunset
I’ll make sure to not walk my dog through this area again and remove my shoes before entering the house!

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